Development notes

Run in simulation mode

Simulation mode is useful to work on the UI and node.js feature deployment without having to run the neural network / the webcam.

Dependency: Mongodb installed (optional, only to record data) : see tutorial

# Clone repo
git clone

# Install dependencies
npm i
# Run in dev mode
npm run dev
# Open browser on http://localhost:8080/

If you have an error while doing npm install it is probably a problem with node-gyp, you need to install additional dependencies depending on your platform:

Release checklist

Tags commands

# Tag latest commit
git tag v2.1.0

# Push tag
git push origin v2.1.0

# List tags
git tag --list

# Remove tag on remote
git push origin :v2.1.0

# Delete local tag
git tag --delete v2.1.0

# Push all tag
git push --tags

Markdown table of content generator

List all cams

v4l2-ctl --list-devices

Technical architecture

Technical architecture