Make machine / hotspot accessible via WIFI

On Ubuntu 18.04 via UI:

1. Open network manager


2. Create a wifi connection


3. Configure as a hotspot

You can name the wifi as you like, and you need to select “Hotspot” for the Mode.


3.a Set a wifi password (optional)

In the Wi-fi security tab, you can setup an password to protect your jetson from being accessed by others.

4. Set auto-connect

In the “General” tab, you need to check “Automatically connect to this network when it is available” so it will start the wifi hotspot on boot.


5. Reboot

After rebooting your device, you should be able to connect it via the wifi hotspot and access OpenDataCam if started.

6. Get IP adress of Wifi hotpot

Click on the network icon on the top right > Connection Information


On Ubuntu 18.04 via command line

We accept pull request for this 😁

⁉️ Troubleshooting

1.Wifi-Hotspot doesn’t show up on other devices –> go to /etc/modprobe.d/bcmdhd.conf and add the line: options bcmdhd op_mode=2 –> reboot your device